† Sara James has chased tractors down narrow Italian roads and pursued flower sellers on bicycles through the crowded streets of Hanoi to capture a special moment. Led by her curiosity of these random encounters she creates something that stays with her and will stay with you.††††

She invites you to step into her canvas and

Sara James

take the adventure with her. Her expressive oil paintings are a colourful and slightly abstract representation of the people and places that she encounters.

†† Sara lived in B.C. for over 20 years, exploring the mountains but now divides her time between Stratford, Ontario and the Piemonte region of NW Italy where she and her husband, Alec develop passive and energy efficient homes.

†† Born in Saskatchewan and raised in Walkerton, Ontario her career involved working with city and art magazines in Calgary and Vancouver. Later in her career she worked in interior and architectural home design, encircling her life with the world of art and design.














Tour of the Arts, Invermere, BC

Mostra della Ceramica, Castellamonte, Italy



Pynelogs Gallery, Invermere, BC

Tour of the Arts, Invermere, BC

Studio Open House, Lugnacco, Italy



Group Show, Spruce Grove, AB



Villa Soleil, Colleretto Giacosa, Italy

Art in the Park, Stratford, ON

EquiArt 2015, Orangeville, ON



Art in the Park, Stratford, ON



Stratford Studio Tour, Stratford, ON

Art in the Park, Stratford, ON



Works held in private collections in Canada, United States, Italy, India and Great Britain.


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Plein air painting in the Columbia Valley with a storm brewing. There were many days where we had to run for cover.